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Medical and surgical services at Renaissance Medical range from the general to the specialist and the super-specialist.


Welcome to Renaissance Medical

Established in 2008 and located in the South West end of Victoria Island, Renaissance Medical Services Limited is a specialist, super-specialist and general medical and surgical centre. It is the brainchild of its current Chairman and Medical Director, Dr. Dayo Ajayi, a Nigeria / UK trained medical practitioner with more than thirty years’ experience in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

The idea behind the establishment of Renaissance Medical was a straightforward one. The company’s founder and a few colleagues had observed, during their extensive sojourn in Europe, a steady stream of Nigerians coming to Europe in search of specialist (and even general) medical and surgical care – at great expense and inconvenience. Ironically, much of the treatment would very often end up being handled by Nigerian specialists there in Europe!

It therefore soon became apparent to these young medical professionals that relocating to Nigeria and setting up a medical establishment of the same standard as any of the best in Europe would be a ‘win-win’ situation: the founders would get to practice from their own country, free from the covert (and sometimes overt) discrimination that often attends practice in foreign lands, while Nigerian patients would end up having local access to the same types and standards of medical and surgical care they usually had to travel abroad for. The rapid progress and growth so far recorded by Renaissance Medical in its few years of existence is perhaps the most eloquent testimony to the correctness of such reasoning.

Starting off as a three-room surgical and medical outfit in 2008, with a total staff strength of four, no in-house admission facilities, outsourcing virtually all non-core medical activities and having only a handful of clients, the hospital in 2015 moved to its present location – a new, purpose-designed facility in Victoria Island. From here, using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, the hospital’s staff, now in excess of 40, together provide a much wider range of top quality service to an ever widening number of private and corporate clients. Significant additions since the commencement of operations include top-notch in-patient admission facilities, a state-of-the-art medical laboratory, a well-stocked pharmacy, additional consulting rooms and waiting lounges, along with additional endoscopy suites and operating theatres.

In the relatively short period of time since its establishment, Renaissance Medical has rapidly positioned itself as a leading Nigerian center of excellence in its core areas of specialist and super-specialist practice – endoscopy (oesophago-gastro-duedonoscopy), oncology (general and surgical, including the detection and management of breast cancer), and surgery (general, reconstructive and onco-plastic). This is in addition to providing first-rate general medical services. Registered individual patients at Renaissance Medical now number in excess of 6,000 while a wide array of corporate bodies, including leading blue chip companies and Health Maintenance Organizations, readily entrust their health care needs to the hospital.

In its core areas of practice, Renaissance Medical has become a leading referral destination from all around the country.

This remarkable growth and transformation has been due to two main factors. First is the hospital’s unwavering adherence to its core operating principle of putting the patient’s interests first at all times. This is in addition to its relentless focus on excellent service delivery, especially in its core specialist areas.

To be a major reference point for excellence in medical service delivery in Nigeria.

Providing high-quality health care of international standard at general, specialist and super specialist levels within a medical practice that constantly surpasses patients’ expectations.

The guiding principle behind Renaissance Medical’s operations, one which drives the actualization of its mission and vision, is captured in three words: “the patient first”. At Renaissance Medical, the patient encounters a medical service provider with total focus on him or her. From the moment of initial contact, we adopt a holistic health management approach aimed at making each patient realize that his or her health matters to us. This has resulted in an increasingly wide base of satisfied patients who readily place all their health concerns in our hands.

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