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Oncology constitutes another specialist area of in-house competence at Renaissance Medical. Amongst other sub-branches within this area, the hospital regularly attends to the following:

  • Breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment:

Excellent in-house competence and technology is available in this area of specialist medical practice. The hospital is equipped, for example, with a breast scanner with which lesions can be located intra-operatively. The instrument allows for dye-localisation studies on non-palpable breast lesions. Being both a medical and surgical centre, Renaissance Medical also offers breast reconstruction options for breast cancer patients as the need arises.

Indeed, over the years, the detection and management of breast cancer is an area in which Renaissance Medical has carried out much corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity. Dr. Dayo Ajayi, the hospital’s Chief Executive, has given several clinical and public presentations on radio, television and elsewhere on topical issues relating to the detection, treatment and management of breast cancer. The NTA, LTV, Cool FM and other media houses have severally had him educate the general public in these areas. Since its establishment in 2008, Renaissance Medical has devoted substantial resources to the production and dissemination of educational materials relating to breast and other forms of cancer.

  • Cervical and other forms of cancer

Screening, diagnosis and treatment of these are also available at Renaissance Medical. As a comprehensive approach to cancer screening, Renaissance Medical provides haematological and tissue assays for various forms of cancer including cervical cancer.