Bariatic Endoscopy Procedure

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Bariatic Endoscopy Procedure

Renaissance Medical is accredited as an international endoscopy centre and the medical centre spares no expense in ensuring in-house availability of cutting-edge endoscopic competence and technology.

Renaissance Medical has the technical competence and facilities for the following procedures amongst others:

  • Intragastric Balloon
  • Aspiration Therapy

Intragastric balloons (IGB) facilitate weight loss by reducing the stomach’s potential volume, inducing early satiety and altering gastric motility. Reductions in gastric hormone secretion such as cholecystokinin and pancreatic polypeptide may reflect delayed gastric emptying and improve glucose metabolism.

Why Intragastric Balloon?

Many obese individuals have made serious attempts to lose weight through diet, exercise and medically supervised weight loss programs but have failed. In these cases, intragastric balloon is performed as a last resort treatment option. Intragastric balloon is rapidly gaining popularity as a safe and effective way to reduce weight in the severely obese.